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Why Your Hotel Needs Channel Manager and PMS Integration

As a hotelier, it is important that you know about the importance of channel manager and PMS integration. This Blog will help you to get an insight into the same.

Today, as the world has moved into an era of super-fast technology and growth, the ways of doing business have changed a lot. The hotel management system is not left behind either. There was a time when everything was on pen and paper, but today with a click of the mouse the entire world can be brought in a place. The hotels across the world have seen enormous change in the way they do business. Today, the benchmark of measuring things has changed and so has the guest expectation. Today’s guest wants every comfort within a short time and at a competitive rate. The customer has numerous options today to choose from.

Let us have a look at property management system and hotel channel manager briefly.

PMS – Property Management System

PMS is nothing but a local hotel administration system used for reservation, availability and occupancy management, guest profiles etc., It has undergone a huge transformation over the last few years. They have now moved beyond the reception area of the hotel. In modern days they are used for managing properties and also revenue management. Lately, they have been very effective in managing hotel restaurants, banquet and conference facilities, parking slots and spa. A good Hotel channel manager-PMS integration can obviously boost up the revenue of the hotel and make the operations more streamlined.

Channel Manager

Hotel channel manager is a major platform for the hotels to do business in a fast and efficient way. This basically connects the booking engine of the hotel with all the major online distribution channels. Nowadays a hotel channel manager can be used by the hotels to reach guests anywhere in the world. The only effective way to avoid an overbooking is to use a channel management system that performs well. It is nothing but a software that helps you to manage your rates, availability and synchronize your bookings with the online sales channels. Some of the best examples of your hotel’s website’s booking engine can be online travel agencies such as Expedia or booking.com. These days most of the channel management systems are cloud-based and it has its own benefits. We very often hear the terms channel manager and PMS let’s see how actually a channel management system works in unison with a PMS.

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Benefits of Hotel Channel Manager-PMS Integration for Your Hotel

In this type of integration, whenever a booking is made on the hotel’s PMS, the channel management system automatically updates the hotel’s availability across all the other available channels in the hotel. Thus, it saves a lot of time and cost.

In this kind of system, all the necessary information can be retrieved from every reservation such as payment and guest details. Another major benefit is that just like the availability of rooms, the rates can also be updated through a hotel channel manager. After adjusting the rates through a channel manager, the system will further update it in a matter of a few seconds in all the connected OTAs. This reduces or you may say eliminates the difference in rates.

However, having said this, it is to be noted that the hotel has the flexibility to have a different pricing policy for each OTA. It is possible on the part of the hotel management system to have various price rules for every single channel.

As there are major benefits of the system, however, it is advisable to access each technology before implying it in your system. All distribution technologies are not created equal. Many times the solutions fall short of the expectation and thereby meeting the evolving needs of the hotels. As the technology becomes mature, the number of hotels going for Hotel Channel Manager– PMS integration will rise.

Let us have a brief insight into how a Channel Manager and PMS works:

In the present day of technical advancement, data reveals that close to 95% of the online bookings are generated by OTAs. The bookings come 24/7 and if you are not using any channel management system, there is every chance that you will lose heavily on the bookings and the revenue. A system that works perfectly 24/7 without any human assistance is really a great help to the hotel management system.

Normally a channel management system has two-way integration with the online sales channels. Suppose a room in your hotel is booked in booking.com, your hotel channel manager, not only receive the information but informs other online sales channels and thus nullifies the chances of the room getting booked again. The channel manager should be fast enough to exchange information within seconds, otherwise, there will be chances of overbooking.

Make sure always that your hotel channel manager works with real-time connectivity or else you will have to do the tedious job of manually downloading the bookings from the OTAs, save them and then manually downloading your bookings from the OTAs. As the time involved is more here, hence there are always chances of changes in between (overbooking or cancellations). Though it appears a risk of smaller dimension but still the same can’t be overlooked.

Benefits of a Channel Manager

In the modern-day hotel business, a hotel channel manager has a lot of important parts to play in boosting your hotel revenue. let’s see some major benefits.

Increases the Revenue of the Hotel

The channels managers play a major role in increasing the revenue and cutting the cost of operations as also reducing the overall time needed to perform the functions manually.

Error Free

Manual processing is more prone to human errors but normally an automated hotel channel manager is not and always gives accurate updates about rates and availability.


A good hotel channel manager is flexible enough to support all room types, rates, pricing, reservation modification, cancellation and rebooking. In a way, you can say that a hotel channel manager does multitasking.

Updating possibly whenever required

As most of the good channel managers use state of the art technology, they can be modified according to the demands of the business and the hotel’s requirement. This is a very major benefit as it allows space for maneuvering at times of real need. Thus, business feels safe and secured while using the product.

How does RezNext help your Hotel Business with its Hotel Channel Manager?

We at RezNext offer you the perfect hotel channel manager your business needs to boost your revenues. We provide real-time connectivity to top domestic and international channels to help you increase the bookings. It helps you to stay connected with user-friendly distribution and management app. This helps you to connect your business to leading OTAs.

Our channel manager will ensure that you can manage rates, inventory and availability very efficiently. The chances of overbooking are reduced a lot. It helps you to confirm the booking immediately and your guests may get some good offers from the OTAs. Both domestic and international travelers can be reached easily. Our hotel channel manager will reduce your manual activities and eventually help you in quick decision making along with hassle-free revenue management.