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Why Do You Need To Connect Your Hotel With OTAs

Selling your hotel rooms through agencies can be complicated and expensive. Agencies charge commissions at different levels and also increase commission percentages as per target markets. Today, OTAs are driving the hospitality and tourism industries. OTAs have become the primary income source for the hotels as they generate bookings around the world. OTAs have a significant impact on online hotel bookings. We will tell you why the OTA service is important for hoteliers.

Right OTA Partner

OTAs have invested a lot in the market to expand their reach around the world. Not every OTA service works best for your hotel. If you have OTA connections for your hotel and not getting enough revenue, then you have to consider more OTA service partners. If you have 2-3 OTAs and are performing well then you have chosen the right one. There are many OTAs in the market, but not everyone is trustable and generates revenue. So consider right OTAs for a successful hotel business. Reznext is providing the best OTA service for the hotels in order to clear the confusions of hoteliers.


If you have a hotel website and you are putting efforts to marketing your hotel through a website, probably you would have an idea of marketing. OTAs spend a large amount on marketing your hotel. They make sure your hotel reaches to the right guests compared to your website. If you have both a hotel website and OTAs, then you are ahead of success. Major OTAs like Goibibo, Booking.com, Cleartrip, and yatra, provide a good number of bookings. Reznext connects your hotel to most of the major OTAs and helps to generate more hotel business.

Increased Visibility

As said earlier, OTAs spend a huge amount on marketing so that your hotel reaches worldwide. The reason behind the efficient marketing of OTAs is they are well known in all most all the locations in the world. They help your hotel to reach the right guests in the right location. Most of the guests prefer to book through OTAs as they provide coupons, vouchers, offers, and discounts, compared to direct website bookings. So, if your hotel is in most of the OTAs, then there is a chance of getting more noticeable to the guests. So, with more OTA connections your hotel has chances to get more bookings.

Drive Website Traffic

Do you know OTAs can drive traffic to your hotel website? Yes, when visitors check your hotel on OTAs, they get more curious to browse complete information about your hotel. It is said that 52% of travelers who see hotels on OTAs also visit hotel websites. This is helping the hotel website to get more traffic and increase in SEO results.

More Bookings

Provide good rates and services on OTAs, this will increase the ranking of your hotel on OTA. If your hotel ranks higher, it is easier for guests to find your hotel on OTA. The ranking will also increase exposure and offers more bookings.

Better Rankings and Reviews

OTAs include hotel review where guests can check the reviews and services of the hotel before they book. Good reviews push guests to book with your hotel. Higher the positive reviews your hotel will rank better on OTAs. This will also increase your booking numbers.


Considering the above points, if you are planning to connect your hotel with OTAs, then you have made a smart choice. It is always recommended to take advice from the hospitality service provider like Reznext as they are well-knowledgeable to guide hotels in right directions. Also, Connect to more OTAs to get effective and better results. Get more OTAs for more bookings.