The art of continued wooing, winning them over and over again!
Yes, letting go of a potential guest could be a profitable decision
Create a digital presence, be visible and get booked! What a great website can do for your hotel.
Why hoteliers should adopt an intelligent dynamic pricing technique? 
What’s common to the winning teams in this football world cup and top performing hotels? 
Hotels and OTAs can enter a new era of collaboration, not a war 
Interactive maps are what travelers are most likely to use in a hotel mobile application
Revenue Management-The need of the hour
Revenue Management is a chess game.
Real-time distribution technology is guest oriented
How can hoteliers drive more direct bookings through their website?
Challenges and opportunities in Indian hotel distribution. 
RezNext releases study on hotel guest booking patterns
RezNext’s real-time distribution platform supports the Internet of Things concept for hoteliers
Real-time inventory management is critical
Best practices to drive direct bookings 
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