/How To Get Bookings From Your Hotel’s Facebook Page

How To Get Bookings From Your Hotel’s Facebook Page

Social media presence and activity is vital for hotels to generate bookings and keep loyal customers informed of the latest in your hotel. While there are several ways to derive direct bookings, these simple tips can help achieve a good percentage of room bookings through your Facebook page.

Focus on Tagging: Word of mouth works great to garner attention. Make posts that encourage users to tag their friends and comment. This will send off a chain reaction that may encourage people to follow you on social media.
Promote Exclusive Deals: Showcase everything that is exclusive about your property, make your USP, offers, and deals shine so that it gets the attention it deserves. Appeal to Travellers: Give tips and suggestions to travellers who might be looking forward to exploring the city. Short videos and interactive posts can work well to grab attention.
Make Booking Easy: Integrate the hotel’s booking engine to the Facebook page with a button or a link and make sure it is easy to find and has good visibility.
Paid Advertising: In today’s time everything on social media is monetized. Venturing into paid advertising is the best way to get visibility as social media platforms prioritize paid ads over free ads, which are by the million.
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