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How to Improve Booking Experience for Your Guests

Hospitality is the fast-driving industry. Adopting customer-centric strategies will focus on guest satisfaction. When you are into hospitality, your main aim will be making your customer happy. So, there are a lot of ways to improve your guest experience and take your hotel into the next level. One of the easiest ways is to give a good booking experience for your guests. A booking engine plays a major role in increasing your conversion rate. We will tell you how to improve the booking experience for your guests.

Booking Engine

Have a good booking engine integrated with your website. Instead of connecting with lots of OTAs, you can integrate a booking engine with your website. When users visit your hotel website, they will book directly from your booking engine. Make sure you have a minimal process of booking a room. Guests should be able to book their hotel within 2-3 steps if there are many steps they might get frustrated and leave your site. For example, Reznext is providing a user-friendly booking engine to the hoteliers in which most of them are happy the improvement to their hotel.

Speedup your hotel website

Slow site speed will fracture your conversion rates. Website users will not wait for a long time, till your website loads. Your website should load in 3 seconds. So, if your website is taking more than this then probably it is not a good thing for conversions.  Check your competitor’s site to know how their websites are working.

Use Social Platforms

Yes, social media is one of the most used platforms to increase conversion rate. From buying things to booking a hotel, people search their requirements through social media. What if travelers are searching for a hotel near your location and your hotel is not visible to them on social media. Think! probably you will lose new guests. So, create a hotel business page and integrate your booking engine with your facebook page. Guests will easily able to book your hotel through social media.

Call to action

Having a booking engine is not enough, using it in the right way matters. If you don’t know what to do with your booking engine, here we tell you. Make sure you have integrated the “Book Now “button on top of every page on your website. So, as soon as the guests come to your side they hit on the book now button to reserve their room. This will also make easier for guests to book their accommodation on the go.

Chat Box

Include online chatting function on your website. If your guests have any queries regarding booking or hotel, they will immediately chat with your customer service people and resolve their confusions. If you don’t have this feature on your website, there are chances of losing your guests.

Guest Experience

Although this point is not related to the topic, we would like to add this for better guests experience. Treat your guests royal. providing excellent service during your guests stay is a plus point to increase your incoming guests. Offer them complimentary services, be polite, provide coupons/vouchers for their next visit. Try making your guests feel comfortable and satisfy their needs. Also, people will refer your hotel to their friends and family, so try to satisfy your guests.  A good guest experience will lead to an increase in the conversion rate.