/How are leaders disrupting the market with technology

How are leaders disrupting the market with technology

Business transformation powered by technology automation
The hotel distribution function is undergoing a sea of change. Real-time, on-demand and personalized are key factors defining a hotel’s success with online distribution. With increased internet penetration, a hotel’s offering is now available 24/7 for guests to look, book and experience. However the sales conversion to a booking is not that easy. With people opening to travel just about any time of the week, to some of the quick events being launched in less than a week’s notice to the discounts from aggregators, all of this is influencing the price, availability and sale of hotels at any given point. Hotels who succeed in driving more conversions are the ones leveraging technology to distribute dynamically online.

Clarks Inn – a leading hotel chain in India has successfully adopted an aggressive online strategy powered by RezNext’s distribution technology that has seen an increase in their room nights by 25% from the beginning of this year. According to Nupur Shukla, ”We can track our revenue and bookings by channel and take necessary action to optimise our sales for the day. The instant notifications from ReX (the intelligent distribution platforms from RezNext) helps us keep track of our successful updates and drill down into the reasons for those updates that failed. This gives us complete control over our inventory and rate updates across all our properties.”

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