/Hotels need speed-driven technology for disruptive distribution

Hotels need speed-driven technology for disruptive distribution

Posted by Barti Somaasundaram, Chief Technology Officer, RezNext Global Solutions

Hotels need speed-driven technology for disruptive distribution
As online hotel booking picks up pace especially in the Indian market, hoteliers seek intelligent solutions that can help them meet consumer demands instantly. While a seamless two-way connectivity with online channels is a priority, the need for technology support in adopting a profitable distribution strategy does not stop there. What hotels need primarily is speed-driven distribution that can empower them to cater to emerging trends ahead of competition. Thus, the industry is gradually moving away from a simple channel manager to a much more advanced concept of an intelligent distribution platform. This is a technology architecture that is powered by data intelligence and speed to enable hotels take strategic decisions quickly and implement them immediately.

The transactional speed of a distribution platform is emerging as a strong factor that can determine the success of a hotel’s distribution strategy. Irrespective of the technology stack or business, speed of data flow from one end to the other is very critical in identifying the market leaders from the rest. In a dynamic industry such as hospitality, where preference patterns continue to evolve constantly, this becomes all the more important. Here, low transactional speed can not only result in a missed opportunity and revenue loss, more importantly customer service takes a hit as the hotel fails to meet consumer demand.

To help hotels address this situation, RezNext has brought forth an enhanced version of ReX – the intelligent distribution platform powered by speed. ReX leverages revolutionary transaction technology that allows rate and inventory updates across multiple channels in a matter of seconds. Its sub second data transfer architecture offers industry best response time making updates such as rates, inventory, restrictions or stop sells across third party channels – swift and accurate. Hotels also receive spontaneous notifications on the status of the update. We were able to achieve this by architecting our solution on a technically advanced design based off of memory, cache etc and heavily parallel transactions.

This means along with addressing consumer demands instantly, ReX also solves issues of rate disparity. ReX processes about 150K messages per day and has been architectured to support unlimited number of customer and transactions by scaling the system as needed. The average update time for a message ranges from 0 – 4 seconds, with least transactional time around 200 ms.

Moreover, ReX is tightly integrated with our prognostic intelligence solution ReD. This enables hotels to access reports of distribution KPIs such as occupancy, booking pace, channel performance, business source and more for improved decision making.

About the author:
Barti Somaasundaram is the chief technology officer at RezNext Global Solutions. He has extensive experience in developing large scale software applications and technology implementations for the travel industry. Barti has also pioneered several technology practices that have resulted in significant cost savings and reduced implementation timelines. He has a strong operational mind-set and customer focus and is passionate about building robust products that are highly scalable and stable.