/Hotel marketing strategies – new SEO trends PART 1

Hotel marketing strategies – new SEO trends PART 1

Posted by RezNext Digital Marketing Team

Key hotel marketing strategies that can help you be found on the web
New SEO trends for hotels

Hotel Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is as dynamic a function as the hospitality industry itself. To ensure that you are driving maximum ROI from your hotel’s online marketing initiative, adopt an effective SEO strategy that will place your website on the top of the search engine pages for relevant keywords. However, to keep pace with the constantly evolving SEO practices for hotels, you should also be aware of the latest trends in this domain. Here are some of the popular SEO techniques that can help you maximise revenue opportunity from your hotel marketing strategies.

website for the mobile
Optimise your website for the mobile
Mobile technology has already made it big in the online world, and its impact continues to significantly increase as each day passes. When it comes to travel and hospitality, mobile is making an indelible effect on the industry. It is redefining consumer behaviour and purchase patterns. People now research and book hotels while on-the-go. Such flexibility has added spontaneity to user behaviour and given rise to last minute travel plans as well as the need to support 24/7 reservations.

Considering the growing number of searches on mobile, Google recently launched a new algorithm that will rank websites for mobiles, separately. Such rankings will depend on how mobile friendly hotel websites are. Most importantly, they need to be mobile responsive. Unless a website complies with the guidelines set by Google, it will not display among the top results on mobile search.

This means your entire effort towards hotel digital marketing will be futile as a significant segment of potential customers using the mobile to search hotels will be unable to find you unless you adopt tactics such as generating a different version of HTML for different device types based on what the server knows about the user’s browser, serving different code to each device, and on separate URLs. Most importantly create a rich search experience for your website when accessed through mobile or tablet devices.

Videos are redefining hotel marketing strategies
While written content is considered an important aspect of search engine optimisation, videos are also rising in significance. It is estimated that in 2016, video content will have greater reach and effectiveness and will become a crucial element of hotel online marketing. Google is apparently experimenting with video ads in search results. Videos posted across various platforms can also provide link backs to the hotel’s website there by improving its search engine rankings. This may redefine B2C trends in hotel web marketing. It is time that you adopted a highly visual and engaging strategy for your hotel’s website. Appealing images, 360-degree walkthroughs, short videos on experience in and around the hotel are some things you can start focusing on.

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