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10 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Hotel Business

In today’s competitive business environment, a good and well-planned digital marketing strategy plays a major role in shaping the profitability of any business organization. We often hear the term Digital marketing. This is actually marketing of the products and services using digital technologies mainly on the internet and also on mobile phones, display advertising and any other digital platform. Digital marketing strategy is being given a top priority these days by the corporates all over the world. This is because it is easier to reach an individual and market one’s product by doing so. It has become a strategic marketing tool in the last one decade. If we talk of the hotel industry in particular, then we can easily assume that coining a digital marketing strategy for the hospitality industry is not just so easy. In the arena of the hospitality industry, hotels just not face a very stiff competition from its peer hotels but also from online travel agencies (OTAs).

However, it cannot be denied that the hotel industry is extremely human-centric and experience-based and it is very necessary for the hotels to find out who their next customer is going to be. Precisely, here lies the importance of an effective digital marketing strategy. Today’s travelers are all technology smart and hotels obviously need to pull up their socks in order to attract today’s smart traveler. The hospitality industry in general is going through a churning phase, as it develops new marketing fundamentals to meet the expectations of the customer. Let us all accept the fact that digital marketing has eventually revolutionized all the industries. If we notice carefully, we will find that marketing budgets have become more directed towards growing a business’s online presence. With a rising income, traveling and staying in star hotels is becoming much more attainable for the common man in India.

The rising expectation among today’s travelers has also forced the hospitality industry or rather the hotel industry in general to come out with aggressive Hotel digital marketing. The cut-throat competition in the market is driving digital marketing of the hotels towards the modern approaches to capture this new traveler persona. There are so many new platforms available now to promote your hotel and you really can’t miss them, as you formulate your new digital marketing campaign. The new age traveler knows very well where to search for authenticity and crafted experience and as a smart hotelier, you should know the means to tap these new band of prospective customers through an efficient mode of the digital campaign. Hotel businesses are having to change the game on how they drive traffic since digital marketing has become the leading driver of the revenue. It is a fact that today’s travelers are getting to know about their next destination from none other than fellow travelers.

These days reviews and popularity across digital platforms has become an important indicator of quality. As we all know that the hotel industry is one of the most customer engaging and people-pleasing industries in the world and so it is of utmost importance for the industry to connect with the customer. An alert hotelier should always have a keen eye on the market demands and update himself accordingly with the latest technology updates concerning digital marketing. Knowing the customer is very important, especially what they actually want from you, and you must know how to leave the best impression possible. It is also very important for a hotelier to remember that in an ever-growing market, you have to do more to sell your property and keep yourself ahead of others in the pack. This is where digital marketing strategy comes into play. What best you can do as a hotelier is to stay current with the best practices for digital marketing for hotels and eventually to develop a sophisticated online strategy.

Let us see some of the great Digital marketing strategies that you may imbibe for your hotel.

10 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Hotel Business

SEO Digital Marketing

SEO or search engine optimization has become a very basic online marketing strategy. A good and effective use of SEO will make sure that your website lands in the first few searches when the potential customers try to locate the website through a search engine. Make sure that strong keywords and keyword combination is used that will ensure the best chance of your website being clicked upon. As you plan your hotel marketing SEO campaigns, never forget to use secondary keywords with your main keywords.

Social Media Marketing

With Social media gaining a lot of prominence in the marketing sphere, the major players in the game such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., have started charging for certain posts that will have greater reach among the potential customers. However, having said so, organic posts are still very important for the Digital marketing campaign in the hotel space. They help the customers to make a decision while they are researching hotels. It is very easy to create accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram and Youtube. Make a content delivery schedule as fresh content is very pivotal. You can also consider launching a hotel blog page that you can link to your social pages regularly.

PPC Campaigns

These are another very crucial segment of Hotel Digital Marketing. It is basically an advertising campaign, in which a hotel targets a keyword to promote their website to a specific set of online searchers.

Email Marketing

This form of marketing is a very versatile tool. Email marketing in the Hotel Industry has acquired a very wide dimension to reach out to new customers, building strong relationships, selling services and products and offering any particular type of service.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Services aims to build trust rather than selling to them. This is a very important step to build credibility and trust in your hotel’s brand. It is used for providing customers with useful and interesting information rather than direct selling. This is helpful in adding new clientele, building guest loyalty and boost engagement with your client.

Hotel Website

Nothing can be more important for your hotel business as it forms the crux of any good online hotel digital marketing. This is the place where people can get knowledge of your individual hotel. It is also the channel where you can generate direct online sales. Your website should have a booking engine to handle reservations. As today most of the users solely rely on their tablets and smartphones, a mobile-friendly website is very necessary.


This can be said to be another set of innovative tools in hotel digital marketing. In this, a computer answers the guest using artificial intelligence instead of a real human being. This can save time and money for the hotel and avoid making common human errors. This is gradually gaining importance in the hotel industry.

Promote your hotel with Online Travel Agencies

This is a very important strategy in the digital marketing campaign. For the hotels to secure a regular business, it is very necessary to capitalize on online travel agencies and travel brokers. You can generate thousands of bookings in the long term through OTAs. Every major hotel chain and even the stand-alone hotels take the help of OTAs to generate profits.

Global Distribution Systems

This is basically a network that enables automated transactions between travel service providers (airlines, hotels, cruises and car rental) and travel agencies. Connecting to GDS allows your hotel to be booked via hundreds of travel agencies worldwide. GDS can be used to target specific travelers, including business travelers.

Reviews and Recommendations

These days, reviews and recommendations play a very critical role in shaping a customer’s mind. A great review can earn hundreds of new customers, while a bad one can make you lose many. Reviews and Recommendations are an important part and parcel of hotel digital marketing. Your hotel could feature a number of times in review websites and as a hotelier, you must ensure that each page is loaded with positive reviews and complimentary contents. You can engage with dissatisfied guests with helpful and constructive feedback. Negative feedback can be neutralized wherever possible.

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