/Benefits of Hotel Internet Booking Engines:
Internet Booking Engine

Benefits of Hotel Internet Booking Engines:

E-commerce is growing at a rapid pace globally and is heavily influenced by changing consumer behavior. Growing internet penetration and ease of transacting online have changed consumer purchasing patterns. The need for every brand to have a digital presence is very high. This is true for the hotel industry too. Consumers expect hotels to be available online and present on all social platforms to engage and transact with.


Now convert your lookers into bookers, through Reznext’s seamless “Internet Booking Engine” that is simple, powerful, quick and designed to deliver direct bookings.

Beat the steep commission that eats into your revenue by owning your customer relationships and driving direct sales through your website.

RezE from RezNext is an industry-leading Internet Booking Engine (IBE) that is designed to suit the needs of today’s online savvy consumer. It is India’s first guest-centric IBE solution that provides an easy user interface simplifying the booking process for the guest with its unique features.

Let’s have a look on some of the benefits of using our IBE:

Drive direct bookings

Reznext, Internet Booking Engine makes your website the best place for guests to book while saving you money. Get more direct bookings and share less of your revenue with OTAs.

Frictionless User-friendly Interface

Our booking software provides an easy user interface simplifying the booking process for the guest with its unique features.

Device Agnostic

Our booking engine works perfectly on any device. – laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones – enabling guests to access seamless information and book hotels on-the-go.

Standard template with user-configurable colors, fonts and themes

The booking software is customisable as per your website requirement. And if you don’t have a hotel website, we’ll set one up for you in minutes.

A Modern Booking Engine built to impress your guests

RezE is India’s first intelligent Hotel Booking Software that offers guests multiple room types and multiple hotel selection and booking facilities.

Our hotel booking systems allow you to book multiple rooms at the same hotel or within the same group in one single transaction. It allows you to also specify details on the no of a person staying in the room or an extra person. The extra person charges are calculated automatically. It also allows you to choose the preference of the room type, thus making it an intelligent booking engine. Our booking engine is optimized for all devices – no matter where your guest is booking. Customize the look of your booking engine to match your branding, ensuring the experience is seamless.

Cloud-based and Multi payment gateways

RezE is highly scalable and can support room bookings across properties for large group hotel websites too. Out hotel booking software also interfaces with multiple payment gateways.

Real-time two-way connectivity

RezE can integrate real-time two-way connectivity with the hotel’s Property Management System (PMS). This integration ensures a real-time two-way connectivity between our hotel PMS and Reznext channel manager platform. Thus, it helps our clients to manage the flow of inventory to multiple OTAs via Reznext’s platform. Similarly, this integration enables channel management solutions to transfer bookings from OTAs to the hotel PMS. Also, guests receive instant confirmations on their bookings and as a result, the hotel can open up its online reservation system 24×7.

Enjoy Best-in-Class Booking Engine Features: RezE is the best “ online hotel management system” that has inbuilt promo code functionality that allows hoteliers to track the guest’s journey and offer promo codes accordingly. Stay a step ahead of your competition with a booking engine that performs. You can leverage promo codes and promotional rate plans to increase online direct bookings. Plus, get access to advanced tracking with Google Analytics. It helps you pulls out all the information pertaining to traffic to the website, source, user behavior, top-performing geographies, keyword search analysis and top-performing landing pages. This helps hoteliers gauge their channel’s performance and identify improvement areas. It also allows hoteliers to manage their day to day operations and also generate reports on LOS, preferred room type, city, average revenue by booking and total revenue.

Process payments instantly and securely:  Receive reservations from your website 24/7 and securely process payment details. Choose from dozens of payment processors like credit/debit cards, net banking or mobile application. The Reznext booking engine integrates with dozens of payment gateways and makes processing electronic payments easier. Our advanced security protocols to protect hotelier and customer data. It is also integrated with the AirPay payment gateway which not only provides a secure transaction environment but also simplifies the payment process for guests.

Digital cancellation policy

Cancellation policies and rates can be updated once into the system. The solution will calculate the refund amount automatically based on the time of cancellation.

More Than Just A Booking System

Tailored to meet the requirements of your business, think Brooker offers versatile online booking, scheduling and resource management solutions. A seamless, mobile responsive booking journey, designed to match your brand, provides exceptional customer experience, increasing bookings and encouraging client loyalty. Our staff and resource scheduling solutions offer significant improvements to operational efficiency, simplifying processes and increasing productivity across the organization. And, with a range of automated processes, real-time reports and an in-built CRM, Reznext Internet booking engine reduces manual admin and increases business development opportunities.

Rexnext’s Internet booking Engine is extremely functional and gives you maximum benefits

  • Standard plugin on the existing hotel website.
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud.
  • User-configurable content.
  • Stores unlimited pictures of hotel and room types with videos.
  • Standard template with user-configurable colors, fonts and themes.
  • Supports unlimited rate codes & plans.
  • Supports rate fencing and rate restrictions
  • Length of stay (LOS), booking window-based rates.
  • Supports extra person charges.
  • Booking up to 365 days in advance.
  • Option to open/close room types, rate codes
  • Customer sign-in optional
  • Ability to amend and cancel bookings
  • Stores footfall tracks on consumer usage.
  • Works on offline mode as well.
  • Calendar with the best available rate and availability count display.
  • Digital cancellation policy facility.
  • Integrated weather forecast.
  • Currency converter
  • A seamless experience for guests across
  • all devices Integrated with AirPay payment gateway.
  • Rich graphical interface with bright visuals