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Advantages of Having Central Reservation System

This blog states the various advantages of Central Reservation System in the hospitality industry. Let’s see the ways in which CRS affects a hotel’s revenue management.

What Actually is a CRS?

With the advancement in the technological domain, CRS has taken over the operations in almost all the major hotel chains across the globe. CRS stands for Central Reservation System, which is basically a software used for maintaining hotel information such as room rates and inventory status and is quite helpful in managing the hotel reservation system. In plain terms, CRS is such an application that is based on many functionalities to manage the bookings in the hotel business. Since a CRS also transfers data to various distribution channels, hence it is also known as the database distribution system. This is also a very efficient way for the hotel business to reach travelers and travel managers globally. The major advantage of a good CRS system is that it allows you to target a specific market segment and you can know how well is your hotel business doing with a particular business unit. You can create a sales force dedicated to CRS and the same take care of your hotel booking with different individual business units who are in fact so important to your hotel business.

In today’s world, central reservation system is really of great help to the travel agent/tour operators as they can now check and book reservations with a simple search. In this kind of system, multiple tour operators and agents can adjust the prices corresponding to the demand for at the same time. One of the very important advantages of CRS is that it helps you to stay up to date with the latest trends that is happening to your hotel business. There is an option, that by referring to business reports, you can actually find out when is a business season is happening and at what time the guests are making a less booking. CRS makes a very positive impact on yield management in the hotel industry. Now it is possible to book cars, tables and other things for the guest, months ahead of time and also feel confident that you will never lose that booking.

Originally, CRS featured one main computer terminal, which was shared and everyone in the company had access to it. Today, the hoteliers enjoy the flexibility to create multiple login that actually allows the staff to access the details from different locations such as cities, states or even from various countries. This is practically possible in a central reservation system because whenever a guest books a flight, a car or something else, the same information is displayed on the screen. These days most hotel chains seek the services of a professional digital marketing agency along with a well-defined CRS system to reap maximum possible benefits. The hotel booking system is alerted about the travel dates, the cost of the booking, payment details and even about any special request that the guest may have made. The changes can be made to the booking as needed.

Let’s us have a look at some of the major benefits of Central reservation System

Advantages of Having a Central Reservation System

Keep Track of your Reservations

There are multiple benefits of using a CRS and hence these days almost all the major hotel companies across the globe are using this booking software to bring about fundamental changes in the way they do business. The major benefit of this system is that it lets the hotels keep track of their reservations and even the special requests of guests if any. Also, it reduces the chances of any error in the hotel booking system. The major problem of overbooking is greatly reduced with the application of a well-defined central reservation system.  It helps the hotel business to develop a closer interaction with the guests by studying their buying patterns. The hospitality industry is basically known for its buying pattern and long-term relationship with the guest and the central reservation system actually helps the hotel business to achieve the same.

Increase in Hotel Revenue

Today’s modern business environment means there should be effective savings in terms of time and money. A central reservation system is a very effective tool in this direction. With the introduction of this software, now there is less burden on the management of the hotels. Actually, you don’t have to worry about paying commissions to any of the OTAs and hence the bookings made through the CRS are mostly economical.  It is also easy to retrieve change or cancel bookings made through a CRS. The introduction of online hotel management system, will obviously lessen the work of the front office staff, who can now devote more time to other strategic tasks. Another very major benefit associated with the introduction of CRS can be seen in hotel revenue management. CRS helps real-time contact with any of the hotel management system and this facilitates an increase in the revenue of the hotel due to inventory being used in a more effective and efficient manner.

Reduce the Chances of Human Error

This system gives the traveler the option to book through your hotel website and get some of the best possible prices. As a whole, it can be said with confidence that CRS will be of great help and allow you to make more money, which will ultimately help your hotel to get bigger and better. Central reservation systems are usually flexible that enables you to tailor them according to your specific needs. CRS has come to be accepted throughout the world across hotels, motels, airlines, travel agencies and many more. It can integrate directly with your website and enables you to take bookings right away at any given point of time, day or night. The central reservation system ensures that the information that features on your hotel website in up to date and this practically eliminates any chance of errors, since the number of rooms and rates of each room are updated in the system.

Cost-Effective and Better Return on Investment

Most of the hotels already have a hotel reservation system, hence it is very easy to find a package that will integrate completely and also eliminate any employee error in terms of the booking being taken. Central reservation system is mostly a cost-effective solution. However, there may be some software that can be expensive, but they give your hotel an increased revenue and in fact a good return on your investment. Overall, we can easily say that a good central reservation system can make quite a difference to the functionality, productivity and service that you give to your customers on a daily basis. Central Reservation System is truly a very great asset for the hotel industry as it has led to a kind of revolution in the field of hotel reservations and booking of various hotel facilities. CRS in simple words has changed the face of the entire hotel industry in a short span of time.

How does Reznext Help your Business with its Central Reservation System?

Reznext is a one-stop distribution and management solution provider for hoteliers. We use all the latest technologies available in the market to bridge the gap between the hoteliers and the consumers and to optimize profitability. We are focussed on helping your hotel business and to improve its profitability by offering you the state of art facilities. By partnering with Reznext, you can make use of its Central Reservation System for incomparable reach, online visibility and increased bookings through real-time distribution channels. Through our CRS, you can book rooms for your guests from any computer. You will get the opportunity to keep track of your bookings and also increase guest satisfaction.  As a hotelier, you will also enjoy the flexibility to manage the hotel rates and offer discounts for the available rooms as per your hotel policies. Our Central Reservation system centralizes data from all your PMS for your hotel group operations.

By using Reznext services, you can definitely take your hotel business to the next level. The Reznext Channel manager helps you to integrate CRS along with almost all the major OTAs and certainly, this maximizes your reach and helps you to widen your customer base. An increased customer base obviously means an increase in profitability and by simple logic, an increase in profitability will certainly have a positive impact on the yield management of the hotel, which is perhaps the ultimate goal of any hotel business. Our advanced hotel reservation software, will help you to reduce manual labor at your front office and make it more technology savvy and streamline its functions in a much more strategic way. Not only this save a lot of quality time which can be invested in other core operations but certainly, this also helps you to save a lot of precious money, which may be reinvested in further developing your hotel business. Reznext always helps you to stay one step ahead of your competitors, and the choice is yours.