/A user friendly guide to Channel Manager

A user friendly guide to Channel Manager

Our Channel Manager is an online distribution system that manages selling hotel inventory to various agents. To reach global audiences, our C hannel Manager is the perfect medium to help manage bookings without overbookings. When you use a channel manager you will be partnered with various
global OTA’s and other small agents that are available in the market. Your inventory will automatically stay up to date with vital information providing accurate data to guests through their booking process.

Things to look for in a channel manager:
Investing in a Channel Manager is worth it, but before you do there are certain aspects to consider and should not be overlooked.

● Total number of channels: when your channel manager is integrated with many OTA’s then your booking number will be increased. Check out if there are any additional fees added when you add the channel managers.

● Training and Support: Invest in a channel manager which offers support staff to help you navigate the system and connect with the maximum number of agents.

● Solid reporting: A channel manager will allow you to measure and track the online sales channels. Based on this you can easily negotiate the commissions and cancel the partnership for which aren’t working.

New sales opportunity can be driven while you use a perfect channel manager. Get connected with top domestic and international channels using our Channel Manager.