/6 Things Avoid with Your Online Booking Engine

6 Things Avoid with Your Online Booking Engine

If your website already has an online booking engine, then it is an excellent asset to your business. Customers can book directly from your website easily without any hassle. Keeping visitors on your website can be challenging. Most of the customers find difficult to navigate your website, only the less likely potential guests are to complete their bookings. Direct bookings will save you from the expense of online travel agent commission fees, and time. The most important part of choosing and maintaining online booking engine is to actually try it, and check regularly whether it is working. Your online booking engine is your guests’ first experience of your service, and it is worth making sure that it is positive! Let’s see what should be avoided with your online booking engine.

A bad user interface

Online booking engines are expected to be user-friendly, they should be visually clear and work logically. Try making bookings on your own website to check the website performance. Booking online should not be a brain teaser, make sure that your online reservation system is as simple as possible.

The absence of booking review screen

A booking review screen is most important in the list of online booking engine features. Let’s say that you have been redirected to a payment page without showing your booking review. Now, how sure you are about your date selection? the number of people chosen? room type selected? personal details entered? So to clear all these confusions we need booking review screen before the transaction. It brings confidence in your guests’ and makes it easier to correct if any mistakes before the payment. A review screen prior to booking confirmation lets your guests’ check their booking details. This makes your guests’ book with confidence and also reduces the time that you will spend on altering bookings.

Hidden prices

Even when guests are ready to pay the most top prices, they still want to know the total amount they are going to pay after they have gone through the booking process. The prices for different luxuries like Basic, Standard, and Deluxe rooms, should be displayed with clear pictures, it will help guests to make an informed decision. Hiding prices until the last time could make your guests feel that you are wasting their time checking the prices. Also, try to satisfy your guests by giving them the best price on your website that they couldn’t get a better deal elsewhere.

No assets on your online booking engine?

Photos are the central attraction to your booking engine. Make sure that all your guests can access all the information about their booking. Most of the guests attract to the photos on the website so don’t forget to display all the photos of your hotel. Photos and list of amenities you provide are the most likely reason for more number of bookings. This gives the guests confidence that you will make their stay fantastic.

Make information accessible

Well informed about the availability, facilities, and amenities of the hotel to your guests will ensure them to take the right action at the right time. If your online booking engine does not have key details of your properties, your guests won’t feel informed. Along with the writings of the facilities and amenities, visual overload is essential to give your guests the information they want making it easy to understand. Example: You can include icons to represent the amenities of the room and clear pictures of the room.

Lengthy Booking Process

Guests will not have time and patience to go through your lengthy booking process. The longer it takes to go to the confirmation page, the guests will be more frustrated and may exit without making a booking. Design your online booking engine, make it simple and easy for guests to book their rooms in a few steps to avoid mishandled online reservations.


A potential online reservation system with creative solutions is necessary to provide the best services for your hotel guests. Having a fully featured, error-free booking engine is personal service for your customers. So, make sure that you eliminate all the above things to drive direct bookings from your online reservation system. What features your online booking engine should have? We will be back soon to help you get more bookings from your online booking engine.