High time for independent hoteliers to come online: Mike Kistner, CEO, RezNext Global Solutions

// 31 October 2015
High time for indepedent hoteliers to come online

Posted by Sindhu Mohanakrishnan, Sr VP – Marketing and Communications, RezNext Global Solutions

The high penetration rate of internet and fast adoption of smart devices have significantly altered consumer purchase patterns. Customers today seek instant gratification and ease of transaction. This has facilitated the growth of e-commerce in India and has also impacted online hotel bookings. According to a recent report, over 8 million people are expected to book hotels online in India by 2016. In an interview with Digital Market Asia, Mike Kistner, CEO, RezNext Global Solutions, outlines the importance for mid-market hotels to improve their online presence and leverage this growing opportunity.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:
“Have you planned your next holiday destination? Following the hectic lifestyle of urban Indians, people look forward to what travel and tourism has to offer and this trend calls for a need of organised hospitality management system in India. To address the same, Reznext has entered the Indian market to get more independent property owners online.

Reznext enjoys a base of 2500 properties under its umbrella and is expecting a growth rate of 300-400 per cent per month. Being an early bird in the Indian market, the company seeks to take full advantage of the opportunities exploding in the Indian hospitality market place. “We want to make distribution easy and effective for the hotelier and take out the complexity out of a very complex market,” said Mike Kistner, Chief Executive Officer of Reznext. But how is it going to achieve the same?”

Read the complete article here.


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